Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dylan is working mornings so I am tired! He leaves for work at 6:30 - and of course me and the boys get up then too! Then I go to bed late because I stay up watching Grey's Anatomy (in an attempt to get up to date I started from the beginning again).

But in good news Harrison and Joshua seem to both be a lot better. Harrison had some sort of asthma type thing which has now gone away and Joshua had a UTI which is also better. But he still needs to have an ultrasound so they can check to make sure everything is ok on the inside.

At the moment Joshua is jolly jumping and laughing and squealing and Harrison has gone over to "play his new Stanley game" on the computer.

I now weigh 75.3kg. And I need a new dress - none of my pretty dresses fit anymore - they are all too big and we are going to The Observatory for our anniversary so I want to look purty.

Oh yeah and I am doing the $30 (formally $21) challenge this week. Which means I only have $30 to spend on food for the week ............ we'll see how I go! (Bearing in mind that I always buy too much stuff so I already have a pantry and freezer full of stuff!)

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