Monday, August 31, 2009


We are now living 5 minutes walk from the beach, in a massive house, sharing with my parents.
So far, so good!

Harrison loves it here - the only problem is that until a space opens (someone turns 5!) at Takapuna Kindy he still has to go to Birkdale - which is a 10km drive away ...... in the morning ..... every day ....... in rush hour traffic!!!!

Dylan has just taken the boys for a walk - Mr J is trying his backpack out for the first time and was looking pretty pleased about it all when they left - we'll see how he feels when they get back as there was a sudden downpour about 5 minutes after they walked out the door!

I am back on the weightloss wagon. Again.
I am trying to be very aware of what I am eating and not snacking between/after meals.
Working on it!!!

And they're back!

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