Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I like stuff!

Beautiful things make me happy - well, no - owning beautiful things makes me happy!
I bought the most beautiful jacket today. It makes me feel good to just put it on. It's perfect.
It was expensive (well for me it was expensive) but I realised 3 things while out shopping with my mum today. And I think a lot of women (particularly mums) are guilty of 2 of these!

1: I very rarely buy anything for myself. Most of the time I buy things for my boys! For some reason I feel like I have to justify buying things for myself. I used to buy myself things all the time and I want to do that again!

2: I always buy cheaper clothing. Again I feel like I can't justify spending more than say $30 on any one item of clothing. But why can't I? Isn't it better to buy a few nice, long lasting items than a whole lot of crappy cheap stuff?

3: I am always drawn to the same types of clothes. A-line skirts, plain tops and cardigans. Today I refused to buy any a-line skirts (and there were some nice ones!) as that is "fat Melanie's" uniform. I want to be "thin Melanie".

So ............ I need to buy more things for myself, not just clothes but other things too. I need to spend more on nicer items and not instantly put it down when I see the price. And I need to work out how I want to look, what suits me and how does it make me feel.

Some food for thought there.

Also I desperately need a cut and colour!!!!!


  1. I so know what you mean. I never buy myself anything really, always for Roman. Also I totally agree about working our your new style. I can't wait to do that as well. For me it will probably be at the end of the year, but I am so excited about doing it:)

    I so have to see what this jacket looks like!

  2. I'll wear it on Monday!!! Fingers crossed for cold weather! Lol