Saturday, April 3, 2010


It really REALLY pisses me off when people say their partner (the father of their children) is "babysitting". As in - "well so-and-so is babysitting so I can go shopping". Or "i'll have to check if so-and-so can babysit" ....

WTF people???? It's their children too!!! Just because we were the ones to go through pregnancy/childbirth does not mean that we should have to take all the responsibility for the kids! Men make them too, you know. And maybe because we had them - YOU should have to look after them more often!

(And this is not about Dylan because he is fantastic at looking after the kids - he knows he has equal responsibility for that one)

I'm talking about all those dads who think it's ok to go and drink with their mates while their partners stay at home all day and evening with THEIR kids. But God forbid the mum could possible ever have a night out without checking first that the dad is going to be ok staying home.

Just, you know, if it's your children then looking after them is NOT babysitting - it is called parenting!

Rant over!!!

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