Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So 3 years ago was the eve of our wedding and I was hanging out at Waipuna Hotel with my parents and sisters - actually we went out for dinner and got our nails done :)

3rd wedding anniversary is leather - which offers up all sorts of interesting ideas that nobody should buy their beloved unless they are into that sort of thing then go for it.

We have a very VERY busy next few weeks - this weekend is 48 hours so it will be manic and funny and annoying all at the same time from 7pm Friday till 7pm Sunday.
Then H is back at kindy on Monday, Thursday is his birthday (and last day at kindy), we are going out for dinner on Thursday night then off to Wellington (very) early Friday morning.

I am also trying to get a few projects finished (J's bunny, the pictures for his wall) and we want to get J's sleep sorted out - after a very long night for everyone last night.


  1. leather? hehe

    oh dear - not sleeping well? not well or just out of routine?

    Have fun doing the 48 hours thing :P

  2. No idea what's up with him - he seems to have 1 week of good sleeping and then 1 week of crap sleeping. Last night I got up at 4:30 to relieve Dylan and he took ages but finally went to sleep next to me on a mattress on the lounge floor - than I about another hour of sleep after that. We have a plan but have to wait until we don't have so much stuff on.