Thursday, November 4, 2010

My baby

is about to turn 2.

He is soo cute and yet, so evil at the same time.
He is known as Mr J, The J, demon baby and monkey man.
He decided that the kitchen needed redecorating and painted the cupboard doors using a bottle brush and a tub of margarine.
He has started saying "thank you much".
He has very definate likes and dislikes.
He adores Blue's Clues and would watch it nonstop if possible.
He likes to play with cars.
He likes to roll and throw balls.
He plays with the little people and makes them talk to each other.
He sings to himself in bed, in the car and just randomly during the day.
He has recently given up his dummy and it wasn't even a fight.
He is funny and smart and a joy to live with (most of the time!)

I love my baby boy xxx

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