Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Do List

At the moment I feel I have a to do list a mile long and no time to do it in, Christmas is fast approaching and we seem to have at least one thing on each weekend for the next 2 months!

So i need to make the time I guess!

So in no particular order ....

Sort out the kids toys, sell excess!
Sort out the kids clothes.
Sort out my clothes.
Tidy (and finally) unpack the books and get them all put away.
Fix and clean up the castle (Xmas present)
Wrap other presents
Finish Xmas shopping!
Find boy's stockings or buy new ones (H needs a new one anyway as his other one has a teddy on it and he is a big boy now!)
Tidy kitchen cupboards



there is more but that should keep me busy for a while I think!
I depserately want the office/spare room/pile of crap room sorted out but it seems like an overwhelming job at the moment!

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