Friday, March 4, 2011

My big boy

Is turning 6 in April. Harrison's birthday is not only in the middle of the school holidays but it is also on Good Friday this year so instead the party will be on April 9th.
He has requested a "bug" party, so even though I abhor all things creepy and crawly I will do my duty as a good mummy and put on a party fit for a Queen Bee (or in this case a King Bee!)

For Harrison's first birthday we went to the zoo and I made a monkey cake.
Second we had it at home and had a fish cake (not a fish cake but a fish themed cake! Haha)
Third was at home and it was a pirate party complete with pirate themed cake of a ship in water and a treasure island.
Fourth was at the in-laws and was a magic part with a magician, castle decorations and a Wizard's castle cake.
Fifth we took him to Wellington so we just had a family dinner at Denny's and a "cowboy snowman" cake.

So back to a big party this year, I have a million ideas buzzing (hehehe) around in my head and google has definitely been my friend again!

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