Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mid-year Resolutions

New house, new resolutions!

1: Budget and then spend wisely, saving as much $$ as possible (while still enjoying life!)
2: Declutter the massive amount of stuff we have which has taken over our home.
3: Eat healthier (which also includes my being gluten free)

In the near future we are hoping to be able to buy our own place but first I would like to have little or no debt. So if we can pay stuff off and then get some savings I will be a very happy camper.

We desperately need to declutter and if that means taking massive amounts of stuff to Hospice then so be it. I would prefer to try and get some $ for some of the stuff but if not then I'd rather it made $ for a worthwhile cause and stopped taking up precious space in our home!

I am feeling a bit better about my food but still find it hard to not binge eat when I am stressed! I even know exactly when I am doing it so it seems silly that I can't do something else instead. Perhaps when I feel the urge then it should be time to get out the pushchair and take the J for a walk.

So lets see how these all go then!!!


  1. cool mel so a huge garage sale then:)

  2. Wicked! Stealing your idea and making some resolutions.

    I have ended up sending stuff to sallies and clothing bins... and looking for somewhere to chuck a pile of magazines..wonder if libraries would take them.

  3. Step 1 of decluttering - I went through all my old Taste and Foodtown mags and ripped out the pages with the recipes that I thought I might ACTUALLY make - then handed the (massive) pile onto my sister to do the same thing then they'll get put in the recycling

    Kirsten - if they are good reading mags then see if the hospital or even the hospice would like them?