Friday, July 2, 2010


I join you now from cold Birkenhead.

At the moment our house is in a state of utter chaos - it feels like the only space that isn't piled high with boxes and bags is the hallway. It is hard to get the motivation to do anything about it but obviously I have to.
The boys are sharing a rooms, which after a few initial hiccups, seems to be going well. Harrison used to use a nightlight, however the light was confusing Joshua who kept waking up so now there is no nightlight. And Harrison is fine about it! We keep the hall light on so there is enough light for night time toilet visits for little boys.
Today is Harrison's last day at his school then next term we start at his new school.
No uniform!
I thought I would hate school uniforms but it is so good being able to tell Harrison to get dressed in the morning and he knows EXACTLY what to put on. Now though I need to buy him some more clothes so he has enough for winter!

School holidays are about to begin so I am trying to think up ways to keep my boys busy - I find it is harder when the 2 of them are home together. When it is just Joshua we have our little routine and it all goes along nicely. Not so much when they are both home.

So far we are going to make sushi.
And I think (as long as the weather is good) there will be a fair few visits to parks and playgrounds!

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