Monday, February 28, 2011


My family LOVES books! My mum, dad, older sister and I are avid readers and have been for as long as I can remember. My mum taught me to read before I started school and there is a photo of me, at the age of 7, reading a novel. I quickly read my way out of picture books and into paperbacks, rather ahead of most others. I remember being at school and being given a book to read and reading it that night, then I would have to wait through the excruciating weeks it would take for my classmates to get through it.
I am a bit of a book slut, I will read ANYTHING!

Harrison loves to read, he has taken to it like a duck to water (or me to a shoe sale). He has been at school for roughly 30 weeks all up and it is amazing what his little brain has absorbed in that time, he reads books, signs, adverts, papers ... And just astounds us each time with his skills.

My mother recently bought 1600+ second hand books on TM, so far we have rescued a banana box full for our little family, mostly kids stuff, but also some well worn picture books that I will craft with. The idea is that we will all take what we want then sell/donate the rest.

Of course my favorite books are cook books. I love them so much. I love retro cook books the most (again we will get a camera soon so I can add photos of my favorites). I love to scour op shops for old cookbooks, actually I would love to do that today but we ar still carless!

And, one last non-book related item, my mum is flying down to Christchuch to help with emergency benefits, etc for work. She may be gone for 2 weeks and I just want her to come home safely <3

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