Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's been a while

In between being sick, dealing with school holidays (and the fighting that goes with them) and life in general my blog writing has deteriorated so I pledge to try my best to keep updating!
I am now about 17 weeks pregnant, baby #3 (or baby Cthulhu as he/she is affectionately known around here) is due August 3rd (ish).
Meanwhile I am convinced it is another boy, which I expected to feel a little disappointment about but actually I think I would be perfectly happy with 3 boys. I have been buying baby clothes, some gender neutral but many more with a boy vibe, I am that convinced. Only 2 - 3 weeks before we should, hopefully, find out for sure.

My main goal (on my good days) is to start sorting out all our excess stuff and selling/donating/dumping it. We have too much stuff and it is cluttering our home and my brain!
So I will try and come up with a new project each day/week to accomplish.

This weeks goal is to get our books all unpacked and on the shelf, and also to sell or donate to Hospice the ones we don't need or want anymore (I even went through my cookbooks, some went to my mum, one to a GF friend and the rest to go on Trade Me).

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