Sunday, May 16, 2010


So the question is do we make the boys share a room in the new house? I am fairly sure they would LOVE it - little less sure that there would ever be any sleeping ever again!
The only time they spend in their rooms now is for sleep so I would hope that it could be a bit more of a play room for them too (imagine the chaos!) and that would mean that the other bedroom could be an office/sewing room and also maybe somewhere for the toys that J is a bit little for to live - such as lego and .... felts ...... don't ask!

so now we are investigating bed options. j is still in a cot but he is a pretty big boy now so maybe time for a big boy bed. Bunks is an option but J is a climber so I feel a little unsafe about that. So we are thinking that J gets H's bed (with a bed rail attached!!!) and we get a new bed for H with storage underneath. OR H keeps his old bed and we find a toddler sized bed for J.

So now i am busy TM'ing to try and find the perfect combo.

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