Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today was a very wet and windy day! We had to drive to take H to school and to pick him up.
I had decided to go out after we dropped h off but drove for about 5 minutes before Mr j was asleep in the back (at 9am) so we came home and he stayed asleep (in his cot) for about 3 hours!
then we went to Glenfield Mall where he got some new shoes and walked with mummy like a big boy. And by "with" mummy I mean he walked kinda near mummy and ran away a fair bit (although was pretty good at coming back when I called him)
He was pulling out his ultra-cute powers today and charming all the ladies!
We went to the playground and then he went running off to plaster himself on the Dunkin Donuts display glass. I asked him if he wanted a donut and he nodded and said "yes" so of course he got one (I am a lady - he charmed me too!) Then we found that Kayla and her 2 boys were at the playground so we had a chat and a play before we headed off home again.
Grandma is back to her Wednesday Harrison time so she came with us to pick him up from school today. It was still very wet and windy and J decided that it was fun to play in the rain/puddles. then he decided it was fun to sit in the puddles.

And we walked past H's classroom and he pointed at it and said "Harrison" Awwwwwwwww!!!!

It is obvious that he understands so much now - like if you say we are going in the car or for a walk he gets ready to go - and you better be ready to go RIGHT THEN or there will be TROUBLE!!!

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