Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I know, I know! i should be packing but I'm not. The worst thing about moving is packing and unpacking all the stuff/junk/crap.
We have colds here now - poor H couldn't go to school today (cross country day) because his cough is so bad that if he walks more than about 20 metres in one go it sets him off - poor guy!!!

I was thinking that we may do some baking tomorrow because I get the feeling we will be home again.

Oh yeah and the bedroom thing - so for now we have decided that they will still have their own rooms then once J's sleep is a bit better sorted then we will look at them sharing. In the meantime I have absolutely no idea where my sewing machine will go - may have to clear a spot in the lounge for it - but it has to be Joshua proof at the same time.

hmmmmmmmm .... thoughts?

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