Friday, January 30, 2009

Actual Exercise!

Today was my first gym workout and I worked out! My plan is 10 mins warm up (on the treadmill) then 2 -3 circuits of 6 resistance exercises then 20 - 30 mins of cardio, followed by some stretches.
Today I only did 2 circuits but it still took me 40 minutes! And I did 20 mins of treadmill for my cardio. And I cranked it up to 7kph. Which, by the way, is quite fast for me!!!
So I actually sweated and pushed myself to work harder than I usually would. So well done me!

And we had a plunket visit yesterday - Joshua is now 6.42kg an 60.5cm long/tall. Harrison is 17.8kg and 104cm tall.
Also it appears I have finally got a decent sleep from Joshua! 2 1/2 hours and counting ..........

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