Sunday, January 11, 2009

The usual Sunday

You know, when you can't really be bothered doing anything.
So this morning we went to the Takapuna Markets - there is a dressing there that we love and had nearly run out of so we had to get some more. We also got some breadsticks, a bagel and a ham and cheese bun from "the bread guy", some "Christmas Pasta" and some sundried tomatoes.
Christmas pasta is (surprisingly) tri-coloured pasta in the shape of Santas, stars and Chistmas trees - and at only $2 a bag it's worth it. Especially since we saw some at New World on special for $9.50!!!
Then I got a Starbucks (trim milk) tall chai latte - only 2 points there! Dylan got an iced chocolate and Harrison had a juice and a little pie from Jesters. Their pies are good as they have no egg - lol - obviously except for the bacon and egg pies!
Then it was off to mum and dad's for a brief visit as Em has a cricket game today. Then to the Fox Outlet Centre where I saw heaps of cute baby things!!! But managed to not buy any, although Harrison needs some more jeans, jumpers and shoes, and Joshua is gonna need some 3 - 6 months clothes pretty soon!!! Darn giant baby keeps growing!
Our next stop was Briscoes as we need a couple of things (sheets for Harrison's bed, a new non-stick frypan and a new grater). We managed to get the grater (down from $15 to $9) but couldn't find the right size pan - they only had a few left, too big, to small, and woks! And sheets were still too expensive - I refuse to pay $50 for a sheet set for a 3 year old!
Then we went to Harvey Norman, where we drooled over furniture that we can't afford - but we do need a new mattress. The problem is I like firm beds and Dylan likes soft - so we have to compromise. Also looked at microwaves and laptops.
After that we had a look at Noel Leeming - I want a popcorn maker but it is $60 so I may try and find one on TradeMe! Also found the microwave that we like is $40 cheaper there than at Harvey Norman.

Then, finally, home for lunch and blobbing.

And housework.


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  1. its a shame i gave away most of elijah's baby clothes - i have a feeling i kept some BUT they could be anywhere lol