Monday, January 19, 2009

Insert happy dance here

Weighed myself this morning an I have lost 1.4kg this week. So that's a total of 4.1kg in 2 weeks!
Only 12 to go. I am looking at joining a gym - we can afford it and I think that would encourage me to exercise if I knew we were paying for it anyway! I am looking at Contours as it is a woman's only gym - even all the staff are female - and has childcare facilities. I would try and fit going in around when Dylan is at home as he can watch the boys, but also thinking I could go when Harrison is at kindy and make use of the facilities.
I have made a meal plan for the next few weeks so I can do a big shop for all the tins, frozens, etc and just do weekly shops for fruit, vegies and meat. I have even allowed for sushi once a week and takeaways once in the 3 weeks!
Dylan hs strange hours for the next few weeks as he is covering the Louis Vuitton Cup. This week is 11 - 7, then he has Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues off then 9 -5 for 2 days and 1 - 11 for 5 days, then a day off, then 1 - 11 for 4 days, then a day off then 1 - 11 for 2 ays, then a day off, then 1 -11 2 more days and then e doesn't know his schedule after that!
So this means some extra monies for us but also extra stress for me dealing with the dinner time hassle (trying to get us fed and Harrison to sleep whilst juggling Joshua's feeding/sleeping!).
But of course Dylan (being a man) doesn't get that at all!!!!

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  1. OMG those hours suck! How on earth have you managed to plan meals 3 weeks in advance??? I decide at about 5pm what I'm going to have - bad habit! But I'm pretty pleased about my 4.2kg drop in the first week (but I do have twice the amount of weight to lose as you!) Elijah's a pain in the bum to feed too but quite happily eats raw carrot sticks and capsicum for dinner. I'm gonna try make him koftas tonight and see how they go - fussy kids