Monday, January 12, 2009

So about that woohoo!

I lost 2.7kg in the first week of doing weight watchers!
So that was my day starting off well then it went a bit downhill from there!

Was doing the laundry and was retrieving the stuff from the hamper in the bathroom when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
And it turned out to be a big black hairy spider, roughly the size of Harrison's fist.


So I, being terrified of spiders, screamed for Dylan.
He turned up at the top of the stairs with a roll of paper towels - he has had to deal with spiders many times - but this time the paper towel squash just wasn't going to cut it. He trapped the hideous beast under a plastic cup and then managed to slide some paper underneath and chuck the spider out the window.

So I have spent much of the day shuddering at the thought of it and also jumping a little every time I see something move!

Then for the rest of the day Joshua has been really unsettled - not sure if he's not feeling well or if it's the intense heat we are experiencing today. And after Dylan went to work a bumblebee came inside so Harrison and I freaked out a bit whilst trying to shoo it out a window (it went!)
And then Grandma had to come and fetch Harrison and bring me some dinner because Johua decided the only place he would be happy was lying on his mummy!

BUT he is now (hopefully) asleep, and I managed to be stressed and NOT eat anything too crappy, or even touch the chocolate! And my dinner was a BK Tendergrill - so a healthier choice in takeaways.

Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow!!!!


  1. well you're just a drama magnet aren't you!

    ok now I'm shuddering thinking about the spider! I have my window open - do you think they could make it up two levels?

  2. Well I did give it your address!

  3. eewww spider.... Shuddering here too. My sis just killed a spider that was in my BED!!! OMG nasty gross things!!!